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CROCODILE WOMAN - Mike Dandee and the King's Collection -#16
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Author:  Mitru [ Thu Nov 23, 2023 3:48 am ]
Post subject:  CROCODILE WOMAN - Mike Dandee and the King's Collection -#16

"uuuuuuuuuuuh...my huge crocodoile braysts...uuuuuuuuuh crocodoile meelk...feellin insoide of thaem...uuuuuh...thyah gettin...uuuh....hayvier...and...uuuuh...hayvier... uuuuh...my biieg crocodoile neepples...my woide crocodoile areolahs...are gettin...ha...haa...haaaaahd...uuuuh ...cahn't theenk...uuuuh...cahn't move...uuuuh..uuuuuuuuuuh" complained Crocodile Woman as she stared with growing sleepiness at the elderly English noble who stood before her, with smug satisfaction on his wrinkled face.

"Yes. Thank you for stating the obvious you big breassted buffoon. As I was saying before your tedious heroine rhetoric interrupted my discourse, the fabric from this rug contains certain rare and powerful aphrodisiacs capable of taming any woman into erotic submission. It was used by the noble I mentioned. as upholstery on a couch to subdue a dim-witted teenage superheroine in World War II. II had this rug specially treated with sevoflurane...a potent anaesthetic used to subdue adult crocodiles. When you unwittingly stood on it my big breasted fool, you activated the fabric to release its aphrodisiacs. But the sevoflurane masked their effects...lulling you oversized nipples into complacency...so you would not suspect anything...while I activated air vents located under the carpet...in the floor...by way of a switch hidden in my desk" said Sir Thomas as he saw the outlines of the famous nipples and areolas of the Top Heavy Heroine of the Outback become more prominent on the fabric of her thin, tight croc bra... while her big glossy pink cunt throbbed with growing speed between her huge creamy thighs...the outline of a hard, wet camel toe being framed on the fabric of her thin, tight croc s string which barely covered the space between her huge creamy thighs.

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