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CROCODILE WOMAN - Mike Dandee and the King's Collection -#15
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Author:  Mitru [ Thu Nov 16, 2023 4:34 am ]
Post subject:  CROCODILE WOMAN - Mike Dandee and the King's Collection -#15

Her immense firm creamy breasts bobbing sexily and threatening spill out of her thin tight croc bra which barely contained them...the cheeks of her huge, firm creamy ass jiggling...her croc string narrowing between her huge creamy thighs and in the crack between the cheeks of her huge firm creamy ass as she walked...Crocodile Woman followed Sir Thomas King as he led her out of the living room and down a corridor of his mansion.

The Sexy Super She Croc saw the corridor was lined on either side with ancient paintings, statues and weapons, all enclosed within strong glass cases.

"you hahve a lawt of old theengs heah suh thomahs. thy look very vahluable" ​said Crocodile Woman as they walked past the various display cases. "That is a most astute observation Crocodile Woman. You must be quite a brilliant investigator. These are but a small sample of rare items that have come into my possession over the years. You might say that I've got something of a passion for collecting things which are unique. The money is not a concern for me but as you can appreciate, something that will attract the interest of a criminal scoundrel like Mike Dandee" said Sir Thomas as they approached a large wooden oak door at the end of the corridor.

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