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Welcome to the FAQ page.
Please read below to see if any of the following questions match yours.


Q) I subscribed to the website, but I can't log onto the forums.
A) The forums have their own login sceme. This way we can keep the forum free for all users, reguardless if they pay membership fees or not. You will need to make a spereate login for the forums. There is a quick registration process.

Q) How do I cancel my subscription?
A) You can't! MUHAHAHA. Seriously though. Please go to the join page, and you will see a link to "Customer Services", Or click here to look-up your membership

Q) When do you post?
A) It depends on the artist. Some are in different time zones and even countries then we are. Some post early in the day, some (Like Jpeger) wait till almost midnight to post.

Q) How long has HIPcomix been around?
A) Hipcomix was originally started in October 2002 by Agent D. A reshuffling of artists, a change of servers and billing company happened in November of 2004. Jpeger took ownership of the site in May of 2005. Jpeger considers the November 2004 date as the opening date, since that was the day he came aboard and began hosting an maintaing the site. However it actually originally began in October of 2002.

Q) I invented a character, Will you make a comic book based on this character?
A) Probably not. Understand, that the artists that work here have created their own characters, and have spent months developing them. Chances are, they're not going to want to do your characters. The most common reason is, we don't have a passion for your characters. We have a passion for our own. Putting it frankly, I don't think that the creator of Wonder Woman sat around and drew pictures of the Hulk. The other question that we seem to get a lot is if we will do commission work. You are free to ask that, and chances are we may. So see the next question.

Q) Do you do commission work?
A) Yes, we are willing to do commission work. However, you must understand what is involved. You're not going to get a picture done for $10. If you keep in mind, that minimum wage is $7.00 an hour, and most custom images take almost all day to create, you can imagine that we're not going to work for 70¢ an hour. Be prepared ahead of time to spend at least $15.00 an hour with the understanding that you will be charged hourly for your request. The more difficult and detailed the request, the more hours it will take to finish the project. Something simple we can probably get done in a few hours. An entire comic might take all week. Also, know that each artist sets their own hourly rate. We have no control over the artists and their side jobs, or their rates. Caveat Emptor on any dealings with the artists here. We will not be held responsible for any side work you have commissioned with any of the artists that work here. The artists that work here are subcontracted and not employees.





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